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I have owned a 60 inch Sony LED/LCD display from Costco for about two months now. Overall, I am very pleased with the display, and I know that LED TVs are prone to uniformity issues, so I understand that it may not be perfect.

However, when watching movies with very white/light backgrounds, like the intro to Fargo, or scenes against a very light blue background, I see a uniformity issue that looks like a big oval blog in the middle of the screen.

Here is what it looks like with a light gray background. Take a look left of center and you will see a elongated vertical oval blob. You also see some horizontal and vertical banding.

Also please note that with anything darker than this, the issue pretty much completely goes away. I would say most movies I would never notice it, save for an occasional scene here and there. For instance, sports against a green background is totally fine, it is only when it is a very white background.

I was wondering what your opinions are on the screen. Is this considered a pretty bad uniformity problem? Are LED TV's always going to show issues on a white background? If I were to replace it, how likely would I be to get any improvement? If issues like these are pretty much a crapshoot, I would just live with it. But if this is a obvious defect, I will return it.

Thanks for taking a look!
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