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I have a unique set of parameters due to limitations at my work so I was hoping to get some product suggestions.

At my home I have global cache/irule setup to control my tv room and guest room so I am no newb to remote control and building macros.

Unfortunately, iRule is completely off the table due to it requiring the "remote control" to have internet access. My next thought was to just do my own webgui for global cache but that is also off the table. The requirement for a non pre-approved networkable device with no OS to be allowed on the network is that it would have to have login/password authentication not just for the web configuration gui, but authentication to send commands, more preferable to have RADIUS or Active Directory. Since it is highly far fetched to find a TCP/IP based controller that has this level of authentication I am leaning towards having an already approved computer handle the control of my devices which include several hdmi matrix switches, projectors, and TVs.

What I am looking for is a controller box that will take serial control from a PC and then allow output to multiple IR ports, or a PCI card with multiple IR ports. Scalability is desired but we can always develop a little client/server program to allow the PCs in each zone to talk to each other.

I am of course open to any other suggestions.
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