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Unique use for a flat panel monitor

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What I am trying to find (or create, if necessary) is a flat panel monitor that is mounted to a tripod-like stand, that can be used as a music stand.

The end result of this project is a type of podium, kind of like what a speaker would use to place his/her notes or papers on. I want the monitor to be fully functional, for instance, to show either a Powerpoint presentation, or even a video. The catch is that I want to also be able to use the flat surface of the monitor (possibly covered in plexiglass to protect it from scratches) just like the flat surface of a podium, to hold any papers for information that would not be shown on screen.

The height of the base would need to be adjustable, depending on if the user is standing, or sitting. The monitor itself would also need to be adjustable, so it could be tilted back to hold the papers in place, rather than them sliding off. I would also need to add some sort of bar along the bottom of it to keep the papers from sliding off.

Any suggestions that you can give me will be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks! :)
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humm something like this:


I just googled "lcd floor mount" and this was the first one that came up but there were lots of others.


In my industry we have mic and mixer stands.

This should work out for your application.

After you design your "lcd podium" you can mount it

on this adjustable stand. There is height adjustment as

well as pitch adjustment.

Hope this helps!

Here is a PHOTO
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Wow! That is VERY CLOSE to what I'm looking for.

In fact, it is the closest thing that I have seen in production to match up with the idea that I have stuck ion my head.

How easy is it to adjust the height? I would really like to get more stats on this stand.

The price is in the ballpark of what I was expecting it to be.

Now I guess I have to design the casing that would go around the monitor to protect it.

Thanks for the photo!!

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I don't have any experience with that particular stand.

But it looks like this stand will raise by unloosening the

big ball handle, to remove the pin....adjust as necessary

and reinsert the pin in the pre drilled hole ( inner sleeve )

I would imagine the stand would raise to a fairly decent

height, maybe 48" or so.

Would love to see the LCD podium mounted on this stand when

you get it done. Post a pic when finished.

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You might want to try looking at industrial touchscreen monitors. We use these in the doors of control panels all the time. They are fairly slim with metal cases which make them extremely rugged and the screens withstand several hundreds of pounds of pressure. Could easily be mounted to a stand and used as a podium with very minimal risk to the screen. One supplier we use is vartechsystems. Hope that helps
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