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Unistrut channels needed

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Anyone knows a unistrat reseller in GTA area?

Thank you.
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I found it at HomeDepot in the shelving area... NOT where the angle iron was. The guy near the angle area had never heard of it and didn't seem to want to help me find it. I would check both places.
at my HD, it was in the electrical dept. the employees there had no clue. I only found it after reading a post here on AVS.
My Home Depot's have it in Electrical. It is on the same rack where the conduit is located. Same section at Lowes. Lowes also had precut 6' sections, also had the "half" depth strut.

Your best bet is to go to a major lighting supply company.

Most of them have electrical supply counters.

Uni-Strut, and Power-Struit are used mainly for mounting conduit, HVAC, and utility pipes.

The Electrical supply company, handles all of the above.
I had no luck with Home Depot. No one heard about unistrut there. I've searched thru electrical and shelving departments. Well, I guess this thing is not in demand in Toronto. I will try electrical suppliers next.

Thank you for help.
 www.unistrut.com has a dealer locater right on the site.

Yep I picked up my unistrut at the Pickering location of "Unistrut". They've got everything including the special nuts and bolts you will need. They will even cut the unistrut for you for a small fee
It's "superstrut" at HomeDepot and they never have a clue where or what you are talking about. I always find it there somewhere. Like was said previously it's typically in the conduit area around elecrical or plumbing or water heater stuff.

I guess I'll try Pickering. Cutting to size is a real plus and the spring nuts may not be available anywhere else. Need to search now for good blueprints or pictures. Why to force an open door?

Go to the Unistrut website and D/L the PDF manual. This will make your planning go a lot easier. Also, it makes buying the stuff a lot easier when you get there.
It's really not that hard to find, many places will carry it in various brand names (all the same stuff really). As mentioned, lowes, home depot, etc etc will all have it. I've found it usually in the conduit section, usually, since it is usually mounted to mount different kinds of pipes, electrical conduits, electrical harnesses and things, etc. I'd be really surprised if most home depot type places don't have it. You may have to hunt around, but it's usually there somewhere.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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