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"Universal" paint

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I have a screen made out of BO cloth.. and I own the Epson Powerlite S1+.. and I dont see many forums out there regarding painting a screen for such a low-end Projector.

So, I was wondering if there is a formula that is just 'better' than plain BO cloth for any projector.

Or, has anyone painted a screen and has this (or similar) projectors. Or who cares?

My room is 100% light controlled (if that helps) so the picture is pretty good already, just lookin for improvement.
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The S1 was a well regarded projector when it came out. Acheived nearly the reputation as the InFocus X1.

You could either stick with b/o cloth as it makes a fine screen, or try painting it with Behr Ultra-Premium egshell white, or search the forum for "Misty Evening" as this paint, mixed with an additive that I can't remember right now, works pretty well to enhance contrast.

Or just check out the sticky at the top of the listing of threads for the screen faq. Spend a little while reading that and you'll find some great info.
mississippimud search :)

can be rolled or sprayed

or Behr Silverscreen
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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