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Universal Pictures "Zones"

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I did a 243 Net Connect on Friday night and noticed a lot of Zone downloading...but I couldn't figure out why - no new Zones appeared, the Emmy Zone was still there (come on guys - it's been like two months!).

Today I found the source...check out October, Awards, Music, Family or Movie Zones and you'll see two new categories. Paid for, no doubt, by Universal Pictures. (note: Movies has the one category listed twice by mistake)

Interesting! The Press Release: http://www.replaytv.com/news/pressrelease20.htm

Sadly, as with many new Zones - they don't work. I get NO results on any of these new categories http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Oh wait, now I see why I get no matches - the Channel Guide data doesn't go far enough. How do we solve that? Check the trusty TiVo. Sure enough - "ReplayTV Presents" is on Disc. 5am on 10/31. Replay's guide only goes up to Mon. at 6:30pm. On Friday night when I got this Zone info my data only went up to Sun. at 6:30pm.

That's sloppy, IMHO.

But, I don't want that to take away from this cool news. I can't wait for the show to be on and to see what it is! I hope it impliments some cool things like TiVo Takes "slate" on the left of the screen.

Oh...while poking 'round in Zones:

a) October: World Series found nothing. Um, that's a big problem.

b) Soaps: Primetime Soaps did not find Titans.

And where's the Coke stuff?...we're in mid-October!
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I use them to do theme browsing of the program guide, although the only zone I've ever setup to record is the "Series Premiere" zone, which recorded almost nothing for the last two months.
I think all of the downloading of zones crap was the pictures for the 20 second ads.




ReplayTV -- The only one that had firewire...
I use Zones...to Find Shows. Would rarely use them to record shows...since they're not a high priority (overshadowed by Show-based). If you ask me, this is worthless to advertisers. If *I* was NBC, I'd want my ad dollars to go to the HIGHEST priority available.

But back on track: I don't think the Pause Ads were the downloads, no. Why? A) I've had those for a while and B) it specifically said which Zones were being updated (3.0 labels them Zone 1, Zone 2, etc. in the 243+RZ screen) and that was the number that had the Universal Zones in them.

I think the updating was A) the search strings B) the photos of the Grinch.

Its on The Learning Channel for me, not the Discovery Channel
I don't know about you but I use zones all the time for movies, medical, and others and it gets a lot of shows for me. No I don't go each zone to find if it misses a show or something I just use them to find and record thinks that are interesting to me and it does a great job for me. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Tom Paulus

a TV nut that's hard to crack.
I like to look at Zones...

I do a lot of demonstrating to neighbors at little gatherings... at least to the ones that can still stand to be around me while I'm showing off.

(I'm not generally a generalizer, loriemedley, but I wonder why guys light up like Christmas trees when I show them how this works, and wifes/girlfriends glaze over like Thanksgiving hams)

Anyway, talking about Zones... they really, really show off what I consider to be the best features, and the prettiest graphics to boot.

Just my 2.1 cents. That's right, still 2.1!
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I currently have Channel Guide data to Tuesday at 6:30pm.

ReplayTV Presents is on at 5:30am on Tuesday.

The "Zones" still don't find it.

Why must EVERY new Zone that debuts not work for a few days? Don't they test these things? Not meant to be critical but this happens a LOT. Plus, this is their OWN show for gosh sake!!!

Don't the execs from Universal get pissed when they try this stuff and it doesn't work? Man, I would!

Meanwhile I'll set up a Season Pass on my TiVO...

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I just checked 5:30 am on Tuesday 10/31 in my Channel Guide, and I don't even have "Replay TV Presents" in my listings! Both 18 (Discovery Channel) and 52 (The Learning Channel) are listing "Paid Program."
I stand corrected, TLC it is.

Tues. morning...they updated the Zones w/ some pretty pictures of Mr. Grinch...but still can't get the lookup right...

I didn't want this to sound *completely* negative.

I think the new Grinch pictures, etc. look REALLY good. I like the text implemention for movie info, too. (but why don't you give us movie DESCRIPTIONS?)

Can we get the Grinch to replace the Main Menu 'scary guy'? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif
I didn't want to sound *completely* negative.

I do really like the new Grinch Zones...they are very attractive.

And the text scrolling thing is pretty neat, too. But why can't get get *descriptions* of the movies?
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