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Universal Player for Theta CB3 with Six Shooter

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I am finally having my Theta Casablanca 2 upgraded to the 3 version with the Six Shooter, thanks to forum member

and Theta dealer Craig Shumer (as I no longer moderate at AVS, I’m no longer a reviewer getting reviewer deals, but

Craig is giving me a good deal in consideration of all the Theta knowledge I’ve brought to many of his customers at AVS

over the years).

I use my Theta Voyager with Single Mode primarily for redbook CD.

I use my SDI modded Panasonic RP-91 for DVD, as its picture is about as good as DVD gets used with my Lumagen VisionPro HDP

And its sound for DVDs (after a three prong IEC AC mod and using Granite Audio power cord, RCA to BNC Granite Audio digital audio cable, Symposium Rollerblocks and platform) is as good as my Voyager. (though for redbook CD it sucks compared to Voyager).

I want a Universal SACD and DVD-Audio player to connect to my upcoming Theta Six Shooter. Has anyone with a high end processor like Theta tried different universal players, such as Pioneer, Marantz, McCormick, etc. and what was your impression sonically

Of DVD-Audio and SACD using these players? I’m not concerned about redbook CD or DVD Video given my above components.

Although I could get a good price on a Theta Compli, its still too much $$$ and I don’t need it for redbook, anyway, as I have the Theta Voyager, and on video I doubt its as good as my SDI modded Panasonic RP-91.
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Are you getting the new processor card Theta has been working on for the last 2 years? I want to upgrade my CBII to a III and have been waiting for the new card to become available.
Well, I finally sold my Theta Voyager, and so I decided to get the Theta Compli with SDI (so I'm selling my Panasonic RP-91 SDI, too). I'll have the Six Shooter with my upgraded CB3, which just shipped to Theta today for upgrade including the new DPL2, CS2, etc card. The Compli will do fine for DVD SDI, will equal my old Voyager as a redbook CD transport, and will do very nice for analog SACD and DVD-A (and even better assuming Theta at some point makes available the digital Megalink connection with the CB3 for this).
Seems like I might be following your lead again Steve!

I'm also going to a compli and a scaler, probably the dragonfly or similar.

I had John Baylof over the house the other day with his wife in tow and I just like Theta and their whole approach, small, privately owned American company. I like to support people and companies that believe in that old style customer service.

Rick, what's your video display. I am luving the Lumagen VisionPro HDP, which works fantastic with my Dwin CRT, and also works wonderfully with digital projectors. Two SDI ins, too.

Right now I have my JVC G-15, I'll have to look more closely at the lumagen. When I first started my home theater with the G-15 it was 1999 and the good scalers were many multiples of what the HTPC was costing, now that multiple has been reduced to the point where the premium is worth the additional ease and WAF. Exciting stuff.

The Compli has very good audio and video, and video will be upgradeable as new processing chips become available. I'm not so certain that the modded Panasonic RP91 is superior to the Compli's DVI output, for example, or the optional Ultra Sync II 480P board.
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