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Universal remote "menu" functions

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I am going to be adding a dozen channels to the master antenna system at a 400 resident retirement home. A lot of the TVs there no longer have their original remote controls and are using cheap, replacement remotes.

As you are all aware, the menu button on most (all?) replacement remotes only works for one brand of TV. I will have to access the menus on these TVs to add the new channels, but cannot do so on many of them without a remote with a functioning "menu" button.

What is the cheapest universal replacement remote that has multiple "menu" commands in it? Because the TVs with lost remotes are all old, I don't need a new, state of the art remote. I could use a five year old universal remote if one existed, because only the people with old TVs have lost their remotes. Is there anything out there for under a hundred dollars that can let me access the menus on at least most of these older TVs?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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