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I currently have front projector system composed of A/V receiver with 2 HMDI slots. Since I only have two HDMI slots but 3 HDMI components I purchased a HDMI switcher 5x1 w/ remote. I now have my cable box, PS2, and XBOX360 tired into the switcher which is linked into one of the two HDMI slots on the A/V receiver. The results: I am now using my RF-20 remote to access the one HDMI slot on the receiver but must use the HDMI switcher remote in order to cycle through the components (PS3, XBOX360 and cable TV). In other words the RF-20 remote controls the receiver but not the selection of the components tied to the receiver. I would like to use the RF-20 to control both access the HDMI slot and to be able cycle through the components as well. Does anyone know how I can use the RF-20 as my single remote using this configuration?

Attached is a picture of my set-up.
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