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To be more specific: one that is very affordable?

For one of the TVs at my parents', I just set them up with a free HD DTA from our local cable co., which rather kindly comes with the option to establish RF control so it can be stashed out of sight behind the TV. I've got the remote controlling the TV just fine, including changing input, which will help them get to the Blu-ray player I put there. They upgraded their main Blu-ray player and brought this one upstairs, but I set them up with a Logitech Harmony (basic model) forever ago and apparently they got rid of the remote for the BD player.

I figure I'll have to pick out a cheap basic universal remote to program so that it functions as the BD Player remote, but... the way I see it, if there's going to be a universal remote in the room, it's kind of dumb if there's still a second remote that has to control the main things.

Because the basic remote that came with the DTA works so well for the purpose, and is stupid simple, I'd probably prefer to keep that and just have a remote to control the Blu-ray player. That said, if there IS an affordable option to control everything, including the ability to control the hidden DTA, that might be best.

Not looking for a high-end Harmony or URC with RF, this should be cheap or it won't happen for this specific bedroom TV setup.
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