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Hi Audiophiles,

I've just began my journey into the world of acoustics and I'm currently in my final year of an Acoustics degree level course. My reason for this post is to hopefully get some advice on my project from an outside of university perspective, any insight would be hugely appreciated.

So basically my project entails, building my own acoustic treatment from scratch;

1 x Skyline Diffuser (Placed central of the south wall, inline with the back of the listeners head)

2x Absorption Panels (Rockwool RW3, 75mm thick) ( used a mirror to position these panels at First Reflection point, on east and west walls)

2 x Superchunk Bass Traps (each corner where west wall meets front wall, and east wall meets front wall)

Room Dimensions: My room was L- shape so the west wall is broken into three dimensions, this makes more sense in the room dimension image

Front wall was 2.99m

east Wall was 4.56m

south wall was 2.17m

West wall was (2m, 0.82m, 2.56m)

Height was 2.26m

The room consists of a wooden floor (concrete underneath), however when treating the room I decided to add rugs to make the room more dead. The listening position was dead central of the room, using a U87 mic, with an equilateral spaced stereo pair of M-Audio AV40 Monitors

The idea is to use Room Eq Wizard to test my bedroom totally empty, and then apply the DIY treatment and do the same test, so as to ascertain what variances these created, and whether building acoustic treatment on a budget has the potential to create a "decent" listening environment.

In terms of positioning I placed the microphone 38% away from the front wall.

The room measurements I gathered are all included, Im aware the need for more bass trapping is essential, however I'm confused as to why the high frequencies are increasing between 5khz-20kHz, i thought they would have a slight roll off due to the added absorption panels. Also the extremely high signal level prior to the impulse in the pink IR graph is confusing.

Please feel free to dissect this data and offer your opinions, whether that be negative or positive, all feedback is welcome.

Like I said, I'm only beginning my journey into the world of acoustics, thus some of my techniques or decisions may seem crude or uneducated, I guess this is why I'm seeking some guidance from the experts on this forum. Thanks for your time, if any more information is required please feel free to ask.










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