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I'm currently using a small Zenith Silver Sensor to get my OTA HDTV

signals and it works great next to the window. However, I'd like to

also get those signals in another room at the other side of my house

and I guess I need to have an outdoor antenna setup (for both rooms

and get rid of the sensor).

However I really *really really* don't want something big and eyesore

sticking on the side of my 3 storey town house (I've no attic). Can

anyone offer any suggestions for an outdoor antenna which I can put

under the eaves of a mid-level more or less against the house (so it

doesn't stick out)?

(However, now I've just read about local HDTV signals being broadcast

by Directv (who knows if they'll get compressed to death or I'll require some other equipment anyway) so maybe I can avoid that pain

altogether and just run another cable from from dish to a Directv HD

receiver for the new room?)

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