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Hi all,

I just discovered a set of three brand new Sony speakers (from the 90s, awesome) in my attic, and I'm about to buy a receiver so I can hook them up for surround sound. Right now I have a 1980's (I think) Fisher unit, with two pretty good quality speakers, but they're connected to the Fisher main unit via RCA cable.

I've already figured out that I can connect these speakers to a receiver by connecting the male end of the speaker cable to a double-female RCA connector, and then to a RCA cable which has been cut off at the end and divided into + and -.

1st question: Does the quality of the RCA cable that's gonna be cut matter? I know some RCA cables are known as being higher quality (i.e. thicker, shielding), but once I cut them up and get down to the wires inside, does any of this stuff matter, or can I stick with the cheap RCA cables that came with my DVD player?

2nd: Just to make sure, when I cut the end of the RCA cable, the outer wiring is -, and the wiring housed inside the smaller, central cable is +, right?

3rd (and probably biggest newbie question): in the documentation for the speakers I found (Sony SS-CR62), the diagram shows the two left and right speakers being connected to the rear channels. I'm guessing this is the same as the surround channels? Can any speakers be connected to surround channels, or do they have to be specifically rated?

And finally: I'm planning on setting up my center speaker, which seems to be designed to rest horizontally, vertically? Is there any disadvantage to this, aside from the aesthetic?

Thanks a lot for any response,

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