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Unsupported Data when playing Blu-ray on PS3

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I figured I'd start here with my question since it could be one of three components in my home theater causing my issue.

The error I get is on my TV. The TV is a Sony KDS-55A2000 (1080p). I have my system set up with my PS3 going into my Pioneer Elite VSX-82TSX receiver via HDMI. It has 1080p pass through and 720p/1080i upscale. I play all my individual DVD's (like rentals and such) in my PS3. This way I can use the PS3 upscaler which is better then the receivers.Then I have the monitor out on the PS3 to my TV (HDMI). I do have another DVD player (400 disc Sony) that I upscale through the receiver

This issue has been hit or miss for the past 6 months and recently is every time I play a Blu-Ray. The fix is either I unplug the HDMI going into my PS3 and go directly to the TV (where there monitor HDMI cable from receiver goes) Then I reboot the PS3 and then switch the cables back. Or the other way is before I even turn PS3 on I already have cable switched then turn and switch back to the format I want after it comes up ready with no errors. I have it this way so I can get use of my 6.1 surround.

So; is it a setting in the PS3? Is it a setting in my receiver? Is it a setting in the TV (I doubt this)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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