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My Golden Theater pre/pro just died. I'd been running everyting out over S/PDIF. So I decided to dive into HTPC as Pre/pro and ordered up a Revo 7.0 and installed in my P4PE based HTPC with:



8500 ATI AIW

M-Audio Revo (now)

3x100 Acurus/2x200 Aragon AMPS


Theatertek for DVD

XP Pro


Zoomplayer (but I haven't a clue!!!)

The DVD player that came with the AIW (PowerDVD?)

What is/are the best solution(s) to get 5.1 DDS and DTS from DVD and MyHD OTA and .VOB files?

Learned there is no 5.1 analog with Theatertek (disapointing for such an otherwise nice product).

Loaded the Win4DVD that came with M-Audio and finally got 5.1 with it but DDS only... no DTS. I could upgrade it for the DTS but I prefer the Theatertek picture and especially the OSD.

Now I'm working on getting 5.1 from MyHD. I have is set for Wave out and Dolby Digital. None of my .vob files play in 5.1. Stereo only. Will I have the same problem with HD OTA broadcasts? My CBS station does have 5.1 capability and I've received some 5.1 previously.

Any help would be appreciated...

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