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Up-1100 mated to HTPC. Question

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I just purchased a turnkey HTPC and I am not sure how to exactly configure to my UP-1100. I know some of you 1100 users have already done this so I was hoping you could help me configure.

When it was first hooked up, res was set at something like, 960x540 or something. I went into control panel-display and changed it to 1024x768 and everything sized properly but there seemed to be a bit of added noise compared to to previous setting.

I am using a Gforce2 card and I have WinDVD and Powerstrip installed. I have no clue how to change the refresh rates or what they should be set at.

Any help would be great.


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this is from a total HTPC newbie, so take it for what its worth. I have only used a Dell laptop and WinDVD with my UP-1100.

I used a 1024x768 res and a 75Hz refresh rate. I think that the going theory is that a higher refresh rate will help reduce rainbows, but I really only see them rarely, independent of the source.

I dont have Powerstrip, but you might want to try 72Hz - which is a convenient multiple of the 24fps used for film.

Any initial comments? I am really want to go htcp eventually, but am also considering short-term options (iscan/skyworth, ??).

How does you initial DVD quality compare to HD on the 1100?

Good Luck,

-jeff j
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