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Up-converting DVD player for DLP 1080 TV

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I am in need of some help. I read all the posts and reviews regarding up-converting DVDs and I am still really confused

I have PS# and use it to watch Blue ray. I plan to use the connected to a Toshiba 65HM167 1080P DP and a Onkyo 605. I saw that there may be some issues with the OPPO 981 and DLP (true?). My criteria are as follows:

1. Up-converting via HMDI

2. Easy to set up and use (I technically handy but I don't want to have to be an engineer to use it)

3. Play music ( MP3s, CD, etc)

4. Reasonably priced
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Philips 5982 for $62 at locak Best Buy is your best bet. It can do DivX, has USB for MP3, JPEG, HD JPEG, or Divx on flash drives or smaller USB hard drives (need to have external power supply if larger drive as the USB drive can't supply a lot of power, formatted to FAT or FAT32), can upconvert via HDMI up to 1080p, uses Mediatek chipset (best for budget players, fast layer changes, and no macroblocking on dark scenes which is the Achiles heel for Oppo 981/971 HD due to DCDi/Faroudja FLI-23xx chipset, hackable via remote codes to be region free, slim/black casing, frequent firmware updates (already has one and only 1 month old), and has video controls (color saturation, brightness, contrast, and sharpness)
If you want an Oppo, I'd go with the 970 (no MB). Another option is to go with a Tosh HD-DVD player which upscales as well as any upscaling player (and is much better than the PS3 for SD DVDs). Then you have both high def formats and you don't have to miss out on Universal high def movies.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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