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Hello All

I am looking into buying a reciever so I can have surround sound and take advantage of the audio capabilies of blu-ray. It seems that most recievers now do some kind of upconverting of video signal. So far I have come across two different companies that produce the upconverting software that is used in the recievers: Anchor Bay and Faroujda DCDi. I know both companies produce different software for example Faroujda has their edge line and their cinema line. For the purpose of this conversation I would like to keep the discussion focused on what would be found in the receivers that are priced in the 400 to 600 dollar price range. I would like to know what are the differences between the upconverting these two companies do and how it compares to the upconverting that the ps3 does. Also if any one is knowedgable on the Toshiba REGZA 42ZV650U's upconverting capabilities I would appricate hearing how it compares to the upconverting in recievers and the ps3.

So to summerize: how does the upconversion of Anchor Bay compare to Faroujda DCDI compare to ps3 compare to Toshiba's REGZA 42ZV650U
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