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Upconversion DVD Player Woes...

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Hello to all... I've got a dilema...

I recently purchased a 52" JVC DILA tv... and am really rather happy with the TV itself, however my problems started when I started investigating dvd players.

I had a toshiba hdmi unit, and it was the biggest joke ever... unit buttons as well as remote buttons were horrible, handling of dvd menus was even worse.

I took it back and got a samsung 841, and I didnt get it orking with my tv (apparently wasnt set to dvi out...

Took it back and got a LG dvb418... and I dont get any sound...

WHAT GIVES? I made sure my inputs for my hdmi etc were setup properly as far as the tv goes etc, and with my macmini it works flawlessly...

One other thing to note I have a hdmi to dvi adapter, running to a dvi-hdmi cable. I get video no problem, and obviously dont expect to get video from the hdmi cable... but I am not getting anything from the rca cables etc... (note... I do know that I can choose analog or digital audio in etc... its set to analog)

PLEASE HELP! I need a new dvd player, or a solution to the problems I have currently.

if this dvd player is a peice o crap... can somone recommend a nice dvd player with hdmi out? Thank you very much.
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I have a Panasonic s97 and LOVE it. Best player I've ever owned.
happen to know where I can pick one of these up, considering they have been discontinued or whatever? If not, is there a replacement dvd player?

When you say you get no sound using the HDMI input, are you sure you have the analog cables connected to the right input on your JVC monitor? I am sure there are multiple RCA audio inputs on the monitor and only one will work when you are using the HDMI input. I have the older DVB318 and like it really well.

yes, positive... the only thing strange is that I had a cable that had hdmi on one end and dvi on the other, (to plug into old dvd player, and I got an adapter that converted dvi to hdmi on the other end)

I yank the rca's and hook up my minijack to rca from my mac mini and run dvi-hdmi cable to the hdmi port, and it works wonderfully... and I can connect svideo from dvd player to tv, and throw the rcas on that port, and change input and it works great just not as clear of a picture and no upconversion that I can see anyway

I thought it had to do with the dvd player detecting that I am using hdmi and assumign audio is bound for that channel (even though sound couldnt make it through as there is a conversion to dvi and back.

Definately could be cable related, though I wasnt able to find a hdmi to hdmi cable in town, I ordered one off the internet, but dont know when it'll be here.
I guess I mean to say I know that my tv's rca inputs for the hdmi input selection arent broke, and I know the dvd player itself's audio cables work. I am just not getting audio when I run hdmi etc.

I thought it might have also been somethign to do with my tv expecting the audio in a diff format... like the dvd player sendign it in a diff format or something.. I'll expirement with it later I guess
I've pretty much given up on "entry-level" upconverting players, the quality no matter the manufacturer just doesn't seem to be there. In terms of quality I don't expect much just that they play commercial dvds from start to end without locking up. And that they don't absolutely kill me with white crush through their digital outputs.

I've decided that any dvd player I purchase between now and the advent of HD-DVD will be 480p only, as I have tried three different models (Zenith, Samsung, Toshiba) and have been dissapointed every time.

Sorry I had to vent

The Panasonic s-97 is available at Fry's Electronics if there is one near you. I saw a few at the San Diego store this week.
I went ahead and ordered a s97 I managed ot pick up for 250... that should take care of my problems? Also, anyone have ideas on getting this dvd player working for the time being. Is there any problems you guys can see wiht my cable setup?
Originally posted by ronnyek
happen to know where I can pick one of these up, considering they have been discontinued or whatever? If not, is there a replacement dvd player?

Call ABT Electronics, ask for Karen at x2430. She'll hook you up.
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