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Upconversion OPPO DV-981HD

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I just received the OPPO 891. I'm not thrilled. Here's the problem. In the past week, I tried a Samsung 1200 Bluray. The upconversion for SD is the best I've ever seen but Samsung purposely destroys two-channel audio output. I have a large two-channel system that is quite amazing. The Samsung makes it sound like a table radio. My son, who knows about the ins and out of HDMI, says that the companies purposely do this so that you will have to buy their components.

Now we get to the OPPO 891. Sonically, it's excellent. But the upconversion isn't even close to the Samsung. I've pretty much given up on HD because there are very few titles available from either format to make it worth my while. I went into this thinking that there were a considerable number of films to watch. There aren't. And the ones that are available, I've already seen 15-30 years ago. I tried the Toshiba XA-2 and the Samsung. You can't seem to win here. What I'm looking for is the upconversion capabilities of the Samsung 1200 without the Bluray that has an unrestricted two-channel analog out.

Does anyone know of a machine that would fit these requirements?

Thank you very much.

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You're looking for analog audio output from a player? What price range? The XA2 and P1200 should have been about the same for SD DVD playback. They use the same Reon chip to deinterlacing and scaling.

Take a look at the Denon 2930 for great upconversion and great audio (no BD or HD-DVD).
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