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Upconverting Receiver

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Could someone give me a few popular receivers to check into that will upconvert component to hdmi? I will be running one hdmi cable from my component rack up to my projector, so this is key. No requirements for channels (5.1 is fine), but must be able to power a decent set of speakers (room is 15'x15' with tall ceilings).

Budget is about 500$, but hopefully less if possible.

Sources will be 3xhdmi, 2xcomponent:

xbox (component)

ps3 (hdmi)

wii (component)

dvd (hdmi)

terrestrial ota receiver or cable-box (hdmi)
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Its in your price range, it has pleanty of power for a theater ( you said projector) its got video processing

it upconverts and scales......It will take crappy composite analog video 480i crap and scale it convert it to 1080p HDMI......It will cross convert componet 480p to 1080p HDMI.

I said it beofore Ill say it again....My receiver of choice......Ive NEVER had a single onkyo go bad unlike the other "D" brand

Youll get a lot for the money and new receivers are fan cooled and use a silent FAN!
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I was also looking at the following:

Yamaha RX-V671 or RX-A800

Marantz NR1601

Onkyo TX-SR707

But, if there's really no reason to look past the 609 for my needs, then 'done and done' I guess
Thanks so much!
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