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Update Great Price On Klipsch Subwoofer World Wide Stereo

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I am new to this forum and I am in the process of building my home theater. Great Found deals have been a big help and I purchased my Infinity Primus P363 from Frys after reading they were on sale. With two kids heading to college soon I have become a very patient price conscious shopper. In surfing the net, I stumbled on the fact that World Wide Stereo has an Outlet in Hatfield, PA. I am looking at Subs and they have some amazing prices on their open box items. I am evaluating the Polk DSW 660wi and the Klipsch sw 311 subwoofers. When I originally posted I did not give a price because when I asked why this was not reflected on websites I was told they are not allowed to advertise the low prices they can offer in the outlet due to Vendor contracts. I did not want to get anyone in trouble so I did not include. But it is a great deal as was told I could get the Klipsch SW 311 as an open box and it is well under the internet price of 649.00 which is the lowest I have seen.

AS I am still not sure about listing the price, if you want to email me I can tell you the price I was quoted for SW -311 and who I worked with - I do not work for World Wide and the only reason for my post is it is a great found deal and I want to help another person as I have been helped.

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That sounds like a sales pitch if I ever saw one.

From being on this site long enough (and following the polk threads) I know neither of those two subs are really ever recommend especially if close to that price. Once you hit the $500price level you will hear name drops of svs, outlaw, hsu etc
Good price, thanks for posting.
Thank you - glad it was helpful. I get that there are different brands with different benefits. It is why there are so many different options to choose from in Subwoofers. I am a mom and someone looking for good value not a salesperson. I will leave that to the experts.
You're welcome & welcome to AVS; my wife is interested in these type things, but, not enough to participate on the net.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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