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Panasonic is going to release an updated to the DVX200 with a fixed lens in 2018 to compliment the GH5s release. The camera will use a similar sensor with alterations and modifications for the camcorder body. The body of the camera will be reduced in size substantially and will be lighter, it is not known if it will be the same design as the EVA1 but indications are that it will. They are talks of offering an f2.8- f4 parfocal lens, but some are pushing for an f2.8 if they can manufacture it in the zoom range. In order for the new DVX or whatever the new camera is called to compete with the GH5s it will need some additional selling points as it will be priced around the same as the current DVX200 which is twice the price of the proposed GH5s.
It will have SDI, HDMI, dual XLR’s the name ND’s as the EVA1, USB3 and likely a new 4″-5″ touchscreen as well as wireless and remote control via an app. As the camera will not have the issues of dealing with interchangeable lenses it is hoped to improve on many of the other features of the DVX200.
It may do away with the viewfinder and instead offer a 4″-5″ daylight viewable LCD.
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