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Updated pics of my new HT sitting

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Just uploaded pictures on my Home Theater and Recording Studio page showing my new leather HT seating.

If you can visit I would love to know your comments.

Follow this link to view http://www.paul-larson.com
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Dammitall! Where's the "envy" emoticon?? ;)

I thought that it looked great before, but the new reclining sofa seating takes it to a new level.

Originally posted by JustMike
Dammitall! Where's the "envy" emoticon?? ;)
Dammitall. Is that for headaches?

Emoticon. Is that for diahrea?

Thanks for visiting. Hope you like it
Paul, that's a great looking theater. I'm also really impressed with the studio. It seems you've got the digital recording thing down. I've only recently started experimenting with that stuff. I picked up Cakewalk's Guitar Tracks to screw around with. I'm not quite comfortable with it yet, but I'm getting there.


Thanks for looking at my site. I tried that SW package from Cakewalk to...I really didn't catch on. I guess its a good thing but I was looking for something with more than just guitar capabilities.

If you got any music...I would love to hear it. I appreciate you kind remark about my site.

Take care.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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