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I am currently using a 10-year-old PC running Foobar2K to play audio through my system. I'm logging into that PC using remote desktop via a laptop that has been living on my couch. This is inconvenient at best. I'd like to update this system and enhance it quite a bit.

  1. Remote control for audio functions (playlists, navigation, etc.)
  2. Digital audio out via USB or coax SPDIF (HDMI not ideal, because I want to listen without having my TV on)
  3. Backup solution - redundant backup of data from OSX, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) computers on network (primarily music, photos, documents)
  4. Multi-room audio capability (assume one main room and 2 "remote" rooms)
  5. Compatible with the FLAC audio format up to 24-bit, 96 kHz

Anything beyond that is nice to have, but not required (i.e. video playback). If it comes along for the ride at no additional cost, that's fine.

I've been looking at products like the Squeezebox devices, NAS devices that can run a Squeezebox server, HTPC options like the Dell Zino HD, perhaps running Windows Home Server. I'd like to spend less than $1000 all included. Can anyone suggest components for a complete system that would work for me?

One example that I came up with is:

Netgear ReadyNAS Duo with a pair of 2 TB SATA drives, running Squeezebox Server, Squeezebox Duet in main room, Squeezebox Radios in bedrooms. This is probably right around $1000. However, I have no idea how convenient this setup would be and whether or not it would be robust enough to stream 24/96 FLACs to three rooms simultaneously. I'm also not sure if this system is accessible via OSX, Windows, and Linux computers.

What else might work? Does anyone use a system that does this that they are happy with?
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