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Upgradability of WS-65907 as Mitsubishi Announces 1394???


"Mitsubishi Announces 1394 Integrated High-Definition Television and Networking Strategy

IRVINE, CA, March 14, 2001-Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (MDEA) today announced its strategy for the 2001 introduction of integrated high-definition televisions (featuring built-in digital receivers) with networking capability.

The company specifically announced the fall introduction of several HDTVs with integrated digital receivers, IEEE 1394 high-speed serial bus circuitry with 5C copy protection, and HAVi (Home Audio Video interoperability) control software. Specific roll-out dates, screen sizes and pricing will be announced at MDEA's National Dealer Line Show in early May in Long Beach, CA.

Mitsubishi also reported it is in discussions with a number of consumer electronics companies to license Mitsubishi's Promise Module technology, which enables the upgradability of equipment to be compatible with HDTV receiver-decoders, IEEE 1394 networking, 5C copy protection and HAVi software.


Will the Promise form Mits include this technology for exisitng WS-65907's?

And, for others???

"One of the companies proposing DVI - JVC - would capture digital signals in bit stream form on D-VHS cassettes before being decoded and shipped to HDTV sets and monitors on the DVI interface. The bit stream signals would then be decoded inside the recorder or attached set-top device into a format supported by DVI. Content producers would then have double protection against copying programming from copy management encryption and the absence of home-based recording devices capable of using the broadband signals.

Prior to announcing the new sets, Perry told TWICE that he worries that if the DVI standard makes its way to retail stores in early consumer devices, supporting content producers would attempt to prevent their material from being transported over IEEE-1394 networks. DVI input is not part of Mitsubishi's long-term product strategy because it is not networkable, controllable or recordable, he said.

"Devices that support the DVI interface are really encouraging the demise of `fair use' home recording rights, because the DVI signal is not recordable," a company statement read.

Instead, the recent actions of Mitsubishi and Sony appear to be priming the early market for IEEE-1394 technologies.

"We specifically rejected the DVI interface, because it is effectively a `monitor' connection that cannot be networked or recorded," he said. "Consumers should not lose their right to record as we transition to digital," Perry added."

JVC is backing DVI not IEEE 1394 FireWire.

Also, from what I understand, the studios will not alllow HDTV content to travel over component video in the future.

They will either withold the content or cause DirecTV & DISH to only transmitt to new generation STB's that DVI equipped.


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