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Upgrade advice please

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I have a 12x13 room with Infinity primus speakers and an SVS sub (5.1)

My Receiver is about 4 years old it is an Onkyo HT-R510

It sounds ok, but it does not have HDMI and one of my optical ports is broken.

I can spend up to $1300 if I need to, but I am at a loss with so many options

My first thought is the Onkyo 807, though I keep hearing how the 1007 is so much better I am not sure which to get

I am also considering the Denon 3810CI

I am not worried about power as I know any of the midrange receivers will have more than enough for me,. What I am mostly concerned about is reliability and consistency.

Lastly I do care about video processing as most of my stuff is still standard def and DVD with some 720P MKvs playing off my Asus O!play

I really like that the 807 works with Pandora, though I am not sure how often i would really use this.

I am trying not to throw money away, but not fall short of getting a good product that will last and not be buggy
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Then you may want to also consider the Yamaha 665/765 and an Emotiva XPA3 amp. The 665 would work fine with the amp for the fronts and the receivers amps for surround duty. Plenty of power and a start to an upgrade path later if you want. That amp will be around a long time.
So if I go with a combo, how is volume controlled with 3 speakers on the amp and 2 on the receiver amp. Des the receiver still control the volume?
Yes the AVR would control the volume of both. When you set it up with the microphone it will balance the speaker levels.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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