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Upgrade console power cable?

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I read an article recently in Home Theater Magazine regarding various "voodoo" tricks that people feel improve your home theater rig's performance. One of the items was the power cord of your components such as a dvd player or cable box. It seemed to very convincingly portray the tweek as working rather well. They report that by using a better quality power cable you get "less distortion; cleaner sound reproduction (in the case of dvd players and cable boxes); faster transients; brighter, bolder colors; surprisingly improved edge detail; and even a sense of depth, relative to the monitor's inherent ability."

so, my question is, has anybody upgraded the power cable for their xbox, ps2, or gamecube, and if so, have you seen a significant enough difference in the picture quality? And, second, where does one find a good, high quality, cable for a decent price as the one they mention in the above article is $75 (AudioQuest NRG-1)?!!
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Sounds good tramahound. I'll look for someone there Friday night.
I upgraded my previous Dreamcast power cable (broken) with a new one and the difference is amazing!!!

The dreamcast powers on, displays a funky orange light, and even makes noises! This new cable completely blows away the old (broken) cable!

I got the powercable from www.******.com for only $235.99!! It's a steal at that price!!

I also replaced the cable for my coffee machine, the coffee machine works so much better and the coffe is much more colorful and vivid. Ohh yeah, i'm a believer!

As with any upgrade, YMMV.
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hardy har har.

thanks for the legit input shine.
apparently Monster thinks there's a market for such things;
XLN® Xtra Low Noise® Construction rejects noise for best possible picture and sound.

24 high performance conductors ensure maximum power transfer.

Generous 10 ft. length for maximum convenience when positioning console.

Duraflex® protective jacket for greater flexibility and long-lasting durability.

Ergonomic connectors with rubber grips for easy handling.
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Man, I guess P.T. Barnum WAS right.
man, you guys are so open minded. i didn't say everybody HAS to go out and spend $70 on a cable because it's the best thing since sliced bread! I asked for thoughts, not peanut gallery commentary.
Hmmm...this is a legit concern of mine...Even if you were to buy an expensive power cable that is very well crafted and plug it from your PS2 to your surge protector, then you still have the cabling going from the wall to the surge protector, and then from the transistor box to the wall. So, even if the cable is great, won't the power still be the exact same because it came into the expensive cable poorly in the first place? Maybe I'm just missing something but that seems how it would be to me.
Exactly, Mike. The power cable delivers to your system what the power company delivers to your house. MAYBE the only benefit of an expensive cable would be built-in surge and noise protection, but any good power strip is going to do a better job of that for less money, and protect more than one device in the process.
I actually sell magic pixie dust to sprinkle on your console in addition to my Voodoo Chicken (tm) line of hex busters. Frickin' picture will be AMAZING! UP TO 700% better resolution* or your money back**

*(Your results may vary but we guarantee NO MORE than 700% increase in resolution. **Shipping and handling charge of 80% of original price applies. Unused portion must be returned to Haiti)

The consoles are made of about 20$ worth of parts. While I could even on a reach see putting some uber power cable on an amplifier or something that needs mondo power to operate, the console doesn't need much in the way of power. Not a slam at you Tramahound, but please for the love of god don't waste 70$ on this junk.

Originally posted by tramahound
I read an article recently in Home Theater Magazine regarding various "voodoo" tricks that people feel improve your home theater rig's performance.
I think the key words in the original post are VOODO & FEEL. If you FEEL a $70 power cable improves you video game system, that is your choice. We are talking about a $180 video game, made with the cheapest parts available, not a 10k piece of high end equipment.
Who ever sells "upgraded" power cables must also be the brother of "monster cable". Crap power into a god like "power cable" will still have crap output. The best thing you can do for any piece of electronics is to run your power through a dedicated line condition. This filters and holds your AC to near 115 VAC. So, if people "really" like pissing away their money, go ahead...but if you really want to solve a "problem", then solve the problem, don't patch it.

Troubleshooter, you beat me to the post button!

some very good points. I agree that a cable can't help crap in. That makes perfect sense, as does the fact that the consoles are made with the cheapest parts available.

...but I did see them selling pixie dust at the disney store!
There are many people who believe the electrical flow is crucial to devices performance, especially in the area of Audio. People spend thousands on components to equalize the electrical power that flows through their outlet. Why wouldn't a power cord make a difference? I don't know how discernable it would be but I'm guessing there would be some detectable difference at least on an electrical level.
Someone made the good point that the powercord going from the wall to the powerstrip might be a limiting point, but you've also got to consider the wiring in the walls from the breaker box. I kinda doubt that it is "monster cable quality". I personally think Monster cables are a huge ripoff and over built for what they need to do. I remember reading about a blind test done comparing Monster cable speaker wiring with a regular lamp cord. The results were NOT in Monster's favor. They spend so much on advertising and building the cables that they have to charge a lot for it which I think tricks people even more... Ooh RCA cable for $50? It must be good!

Sorry, I didn't mean to rant hehheh.
The wiring in the walls at MY place is ancient knob-and-tube stuff. For that good old analog feel :D
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