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I am looking to potentially upgrade my Onkyo receiver to one that is HDMI-compatible and I'm wondering if the Onkyo TX-SR313 is a good choice.

My current receiver is 10+ years old is is the Onkyo HT-R500 receiver that came as part of the home theater in a box set from Onkyo called the HT-S650


The speakers and subwoofer that came as part of that system work fine. In fact, the old receiver still works fine and sounds good, but it has no HDMI inputs and I'm in the process of upgrading (new HDTV, etc.) and looking to purchase a Roku 3. The Roku 3 is HDMI only, and I don't think I can split the audio signal off the Roku via the HDTV I'm looking at (which is a Vizio M602i-B3), even though there is a SPDIF digital output on it. In doing some research, it seems like it just might be time to ditch the 12 year old receiver to something a little newer to go with newer components (TV, BluRay, Roku, etc.)

With that said, I'm not looking to drop a ton of cash... just looking for a solid modern day equivalent of my old receiver. That's where I came upon the Onkyo TX-SR313:


It's going for $200 on Amazon which seems like a good deal. Just wondering if anyone here knows from the specs if the receiver is decent / comparable quality/sound/power -wise to my old one. The old one says it was 100W per channel, and this one says it's 65W per channel... but I know it's not always straightforward as a question of pure wattage.

Or if you know of another make/model that would be a good equivalent, I'd be all ears to that, too. I'm partial to Onkyo only because I've owned mine since 2003 and bought it refurbished and it has worked like a champ ever since... never an issue and always sounded great in my living room.

Anyway, figured I'd go to the forums for advice. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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