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Upgrade from Dynaudio 1.3mkII to 1.3SE?

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I have the 1.3mkII and am considering upgrading to the 1.3SE. I can not find them locally to audition so I am looking for some advice? I feel what I am missing with the 1.3mkII's is the 3d quality to the voices. These speakers image very well but I do not get that sense of there actually being a head attached to that voice. It is if I am hearing the voice coming from a 2d source as opposed to a 3d source, does this make any sense? I use to have some Mirage M-3's, and these use to give me that feeling. Maybe that was do to the fact that they are dipoles? My room is much smaller now, so I had to move to a book shelf speaker.

So how do the 1.3SE sound differ form the 1.3MKII's?
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Hard to believe that changing the speaker will give you what's missing.

Dyns are very finicky about where you put them. I have heard ... or more correctly ... NOT heard mine when I have them in the right place, and I have the original 1.3s.

Could be the fault of your source/prepro/amp too ....
Everything has changed except for the amps and cables. I am using the Proceed AVP for processor, which is no slouch. I use to have the Jeff Rowland Consumate . I am now using a modified Sony DVP9000ES for my front end, I use to use Theta Gen IV DAC and a Micromega transport. I have to believe that this modified Sony is better than a 10yr old dac and transport. Eveyone has been comparing this modified Sony to the Linn Unidisk. So much has changed, room, equipment, I am not sure if I will ever be able to figure it out. Thart is why I thought I would at least see what others experience has been with the SE's
The SE's are a nice step forward from the MKIIs but I have to agree with Acura on this one. Placement. placement, placement. Experiment a lot, get them off the back wall four or five feet (mine sound best at six). The 2d/3d thing your looking far isn't gonna happen without proper set-up. If you have a big TV between them, you might never get there...
I have my speakers around 4' from the back wall and 3' from the side wall. I have spent alot of time with the placement, and there is no placement that will give me what I want. I agree placement does play a huge role, but I have ruled this out.
i upgraded from dynaudio countour's to pmc speakers,, couldnt be happier :)
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