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Upgrade from Erik Empire to Hsu VTF15 mk2?

I am considering upgrading my Epik Empire to the new Hsu VTF 15 mk2. My room is a dedicated basement theater. The room is 15'x13'x7'. Does it make any sense for me to do this? I usually do my listening at about 10db below reference. Finally, my Epik has never given me a single problem and I have been very happy with it.

If I decide to do this how much would I be able to get for my Epik?

Thanks for your help!


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The Hsu won't have much of any output advantage above 50 hz, but below that it will have a significant advantage. Basically you can expect bigger deep bass.

You could probably get maybe 500 for your Empire. It has a reputation for unreliable amps and can't be serviced properly anymore. It's a good sub, but it has a lot going against it with respect to resale. 500 might even be optimistic.
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