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I have a set of Kappa 8's and just recently got the HK Signature Series 2.1 on a really good deal.  I have it bi-amp'd to them and they sound pretty amazing.  While listening to a few tracks heavy on bass I noticed that the bass could be a little better.   When I played Lux 400 by Lorde (the song isn't the greatest, but it sounds great and goes pretty low), the amp clipped at a moderate volume.


I'm using an Onkyo TXSR 875 as a pre-amp and really thought the HK would be able to keep up with these.  My old set-up was a set of Kappa 7.1 II's with a Carver AV 705x bi-amp'd and think I had a better sound with them.  I know the Kappa 8's are better and need more power, I just thought the HK would be enough.


What are some suggestions to keep them from clipping my amp again, or maybe even another amp to try out?  I can't just go audition amps since these speakers aren't in stores and I'm not lugging them around with me.


Thanks for the help, this is my first post, but I've been reading here for a while now and am just getting back into home audio.
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