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I borrowed a friend's Harman Kardon 247, hooked it up to my B&W 705 speakers and was fairly disgusted with the sound compared to what I've become used to with my Panasonic SA-XR70 (which has a digital amp). Details were slightly muddled with the H/K, and at moderately loud volume the sound started to hurt my ears! Not good!


I understand that active room correction has come a long way and that it is a worthwhile feature of new receivers. However, has amplifier tech progressed as well? Back in 2005, there were many who thought digital amplifiers were the future, but now that we are in the future, I see that the digital amplifier revolution kinda fizzled out. Is that because the analog amplifier technology now sounds just as good? Maybe it was never as good and I've been listening to a crappy receiver all along? LOL!


Anyway - I'd like a recommendation on a budget receiver (below $1000) with room correction for 5.1 audio to go with my B&W setup that will sound better than my Panny. Ideally, something that is small and has low power needs, or turns itself on and off automatically or something. Sources are simple: a Mac laptop via HDMI, an Airport Express via SPDIF, and a Smart TV via SPDIF (for Netflix).


Or do I just get a used Rotel receiver... seems to be what the B&W folks like. Thank you for your advise!!!
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