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I built my HTPC two years ago and have had a great time with it. Recently I have been running into handhake issues after upgrading drivers but cannot figure out the problem. All I know is that I lose my connection when I install the driver for the xonar slim.

Anyway, currently have radeon 4890 which is why I have the xonar. I understand the newer graphic cards have hdmi audio built in.

I am looking at taking out the graphics card and xonar and putting in a sapphire hd6950 card or hd 6870. I had a high-end system when I built in and want to put a quality card in there.

I have a jvc hd1 projector and denon 4308 receiver. I dont know all the specifics on the htpc but am not planning to upgrade the cpu or memory.

Will I have hdcp handshake issues with a new graphics card or will this be something I am able to eliminate?


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