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Well guys, I'm gonna get me an aftermarket HU in my 06 4Runner. I don't have the JBL stamped anywhere on the doors or such. What do you guys have or would recommend? I would like to put this in the back, don't wanna take up too much room in the back, though.

My budget is $800-$1000 with everything.

I do have a couple of headunits picked out.

Just want Bluetooth for sure and I don't need Nav or HD Radio.

Amps I have no clue.
I do have an one 12" Memphis Mojo, its pretty big that use to be in my car, I the bass is awesome on that, but don't wanna go that big.

I did stopped by 2 audio shops today. First one said, I should keep my sub box and the Sub in it. It's a great setup. He offered me a Kenwood 491 HU installed be $399 and a Memphis amp for $250. With the installation of the amp and all the wiring for subs and etc, it be $794.

2nd one was a Sundown Audio dealer. He also said I should keep the sub box, that's a great setup, also. He told me you can get one 12" X Sundown Sub and put it in that box. It'll be better then that Mojo you have in it right now. Also with a Kenwood/Pioneer HU installed. Everything will be about $800. If I trade my Mojo for the Sundown X, including the amp.

So should I trade up and get the Sundown? Or just keep the Memphis setup, I have currently?

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Forerunner is not going to be as bass friendly as your car was. So you may just want to keep the sub/enclosure you have rather than down sizing.
How scared/confident are you in installing your own stuff?
I like crutchfield for head units as they give you all the stuff you need, instructions for your vehicle, the product is legit with full warranty...
I like both of the headunits. Pick which ever one you like best.

I am a big fan of Sundown audio. That said, unless you are buying a huge sub amp to power that X, save the money from changing out the sub and put it toward the rest of the system.

Sub amp:

If you want more output capabilities from the non sub speakers... Crossover functionality rated power+ decent amp. Can be an upgrade down the road.
Four channel amp:

Also a potential upgrade to look at is replacing the front speakers to something more substantial and better sounding.
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