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Upgrade/Lateral move from Onkyo TX-SR705

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I am wanting to move away from my Onkyo TX-SR705 receiver as I am lately getting some annoying chirps out of it here and there that will continue until i turn the receiver off and then back on.  It is about 4 or 5 years since I got it so I really just want to get a replacement for it.


So far I have been looking into the Denon x1000 and x2000 receivers, but am certainly open to more suggestions as well as have a couple of questions.  First, let me talk a bit about my setup:


Front Speakers: Polk RTI8

Surrounds: Polk RTI-A1

Center Channel: Polk CSI-A4

Subwoofer: SVS PC12-NSD


As you can see I have a 5.1 system that for the house I'm currently in I really do like and it sounds great.  The bass could be better as i have 15' tall ceilings but that is not what I'm here for currently.  So, my first question is, considering I have 5.1 system and will not be upgrading to 7.1 nor using anything 4K video, is there really anything that the x2000 buys me over the x1000? I'm hard pressed to find anything that really pushes me up into the higher price point (its $650 on amazon which I don't even know if that is what I should be paying, vs $450 for the x1000).  Which brings me into my second question, how good is the refurbished units from Denon?  I found some on accessories4less and they save me about $200 per model which would be great.


I don't really need to be future proof for this purchase or anything, as I will probably be using the receiver for the remaining time I will be living in my current place, about 4 more years, when it will be relegated to some other duty and I can finally build a real serious system.  With all this in mind, x1000, x2000, or is there any other recommendations?  About what is a fair price on it and is there anyplace I should go to or anyplace I should avoid purchasing from (like so the warranty is honored properly)?


Thanks everyone!
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There's a discussion of the differences among current Denon receiver models at the top of the forum thread dedicated to Denon E and X model receivers. See http://www.avsforum.com/t/1465528/the-official-2013-denon-e-series-x-series-avr-model-owners-thread-faq#post_23134186

The major advantage of the X2000 is that it provides a higher quality of Audyssey (XT) than the X1000 does. Many people believe that that alone is worth the additional $100 or so.

Refurbished failure rates seem to be about the same as the failure rates for new units. Some units were returned because the owner didn't understand how to get them to work. Others had real failures which were fixed. Some had failures which couldn't be reproduced, so they weren't fixed.

If you call an authorized D&M reseller, they'll quote a much lower price than the X2000's MSRP (~$650), which is all they're allowed to advertise publicly. The warranty period is at least a year longer for new units than for refurbs. FWIW, AVScience, the primary supporter for the forum, is an authorized reseller for most major brands of home entertainment equipment, including Denon.

I hope these comments help a little.
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Thanks for the reply. I have read over the thread and guess I missed the part about the better version of audyssey. I agree if it only adds $100 to the price then it will be the better way to go! Have to call around and see if they can make that happen as the msrp prices are $200 difference...

If nobody has any other suggestions I will just move forward with getting the x2000 after finishing painting my house this coming weekend.
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