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Upgrade Thoughts (My system)

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Time, 1999. Problem, how to get DD5.1 into my system without losing my Fosgate 4 decoder. Answer, upgrade from MSB Technologies. Reason, love the Fosgate Pro-Logic and analog decoding for stereo sources.

System now:

Projector - Sony VPL 400q "enhanced" definition (540p) LCD

Screen - Home made 80" 16:9 (62" 4:3)

Decoders; Fosgate model 4 (MSB mod for DD5.1 input) - Sony SDP E-800 Dolby Digital decoder

Denon DVM 3700 DVD/CD changer

Sony MDS JE520 Mini-disc player/recorder

Pioneer DVL 919 Laser Disc/DVD/CD player

Pioneer 901 reel-to-reel

DBX 224 Encode/decode noise reduction system

RCA DTC100 high definition satellite/OTA receiver

Toshiba M784 VHS tape deck

Philips 212 turntable

Adcom GFA 555 power amps (2)

Adcom GFA 545 power amp

Dynaco ST 150 power amp (single channel used for center speaker)

All speakers except the center channel are custom designed by Madisound of Madison, Wisconsin and consist of the following:

12" Audax in three cubic foot sealed enclosure (4) - two Audax 6.5" and one Focal tweeter in a D'Appolito configuration (4) - two EV 18" subwoofers in 13 cubic foot vented enclosures and one EV S80A 8" two way studio monitor for center channel....the subwoofers are equalized for flat (power) extension to 28hz below which they drop 12db.

The Fosgate brings joy to everything it processes. The use of analog only processing rather than any digital domain effects keeps the original signal as clean and sweet as can be. The speaker/amp configuration allows me to reach a very clean 112db sound level in the room (never would do this except for a demo for crazed audiophiles and then only when I'm wearing ear plugs). There are a lot of good speaker systems available but to be able to customize the speakers to your environment (and buy at a real cost saving from the supplier) gives a level of control that makes a big difference to the sound of your system.

Future upgrades would include a true (720p) hi-def projector (currently looking at the Sony HS10) and a universal remote so the wife could operate the system.
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