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Upgrade to existing HTPC

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Looking for some suggestions....

Upgrading my current GIGABYTE GA-E7AUM-DS2H with a Core I3 ~ ASRock H67M-GE/HT. I am currently using an ATI 5550 and reclock for bit streaming (true HD etc). I am going to use my SSD drive and how do you suggest I clean the ATI drivers and reclock. I am going to use the core i3 IGP so I will not be using the ATI card. Is just deleting the parameters in control panel enough ? I will have to figure out all the new settings with the intel stuff now...
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My standard ATI uninstall:

A) Run the ATI un-installer, from the ATI site for Win7:

1.Click on Start

2.Open the Control Panel

3.Select Programs and Features

4.Select ATI Catalyst Install Manager

5.Click on Change

6.Follow the wizard to uninstall all ATI software

B) Shut down the pc

C) Pull the card

D) Install new card, in your case you have on board video so skip this

E) Start the pc

F) Install/update new video drivers
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Let the adventure begin~!
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