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upgrade to seperate amp or not?

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in planning out my HT, i have some questions on amps. i'm planning on getting some paradigm monitor series speakers. the cc390 center, a pair of monitor 9's for fronts and a pair of mini-monitors for rears. these speakers have sensitivity in 90-95db range. my receiver is a pioneer vsx-23 rated at 110 watts x 7, i'm pretty sure it isn't actually 110 watts for all channels driven?

this leads to my question, with these speakers, with higher sensitivity would i notice a difference going to a seperate amp like the emotiva upa-5 or xpa-5?? this is mainly for HT 95%. i like to watch movies at levels -10db to 0db.

i want a full impact sound, like i am in the middle of all the action. the paradigm monitor speakers are rated up to 200 watts, 150rms i think. would a true 125 watts per channel like the upa-5 push them enough? would the xpa-5 at 200 watts per channel be too much? last question, if i ever were to upgrade these speakers, which amp would be better suited the upa-5 or the xpa-5?

this is a really good forum, packed with alot of info, i've enjoyed the reviews so far...

thanks in advance
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What current speakers are you running? You need to compare the sensitiviity between them and the new Monitors you're looking at. Also, what are your room dimensions? I would probably recomment hooking the speakers up to your Pioneer and seeing if it suits your personal preferences. It's not going to take much to add an amp to your system if you decide you need more power.
I always suggest 250watt per channel or higher when going from an AVR to an external amp, otherwise the change may not be so notice-able in my experiences with it.

If if your going to go, go big!!!
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