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This machine is soooooooo much better then the old 2020. Heres a quick review:

Lets start with the negatives:

1) I really miss the "New Content" light. It was nice for me

2) The box is much larger and has a fan that is noiser (but still very quiet so I don't really notice it.

3) No input button on the remote

4) (added this in the edit, I forgot it) The power cable isn't detachable.

Positives: (Compared to 2020)

1) The interface is much much much faster (much faster) (Channel changes take about the same amount of time, I haven't experienced the "8 second channel changes" others are talking about (using Dish network and cable hooked through RF)

2) The remote is BETTER. And I loved the remote from the 2020. It is smaller, and easier to handle. I had a very short time adjusting to some new button positions but I like it alot.

3) Nicer graphics/UI/presentation.

4) Broadband support (can actually get rid of this stupid phone line now. The guide downloads much faster.)

5) Cheaper! My 2020 cost me $799 (and was worth every penny! (Even since version 1 software)) This was $299 and I elected for the monthly option (as I will probably want to upgrade again before 25 months!

6) Commerical Skip! This is a great feature, although I still have to learn to "Trust" it. (I feel like I might have missed some of the show but I never have) . The feature has been pretty reliable on most shows (nails it perfect on CSI for me).


1) Everyone always complains about a "To Do" list, but it never bothered me. But a ReplayTV Wishlist wouldn't be complete without one

2) I wish myreplaytv didn't have a blackout period for broadband users (i.e. hear about a show while at work that starts in an hour, I should be able to pop on to myreplaytv.com and program my Replay to catch it (and have replayTV send a signal to my replay to catch it without having to wait for my replay to "dial in". OR just have the replay "touch" the server every 30 minutes or so to check for updates.

3) I wish commercial skip would start with the last 2 seconds of commercial so that I knew for certain I didn't miss any show -- it would put my mind at ease.

Reading this board I was expecting tons and tons of problems (it seems everyone only posts when they have troubles) but I haven't had any. Everything went smoothly and is working as advertised, and I feel I'm probably in the majority in that regard (just that no one ever posts "it works great!")

At any rate, I wish I hadn't waited so long to upgrade. Just the UI speed improvement makes it worth it.

Oh yea picture quality--I haven't hooked up the component or optical outs yet, and the quality appears to me to be as good if not better then the 2020. I didn't directly compare them so I can't say.
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