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upgraded from krk

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I am currently using 6inch krk monitors in my set up, they are running through my 24bit numark mixer. I like them for music and they sound good, but I want to try something new. Not sure what options will be a improvement over my set up. There is so much info that I can't figure out what to do. I like to watch movies and play a lot of ps4. So the question is what speakers would be a good upgrade from the krks. I was thinking a whole new surround system but not sure. I have small rooms so don't want to over kill it. Money isn't really a issue, nothing crazy pricey but not budget. I want something that is going to be quality audio. Any recommendations from anyone that would be a quality system or just upgrade to different monitors. I run the krks with balanced cables, witch it why I haven't just bought a av receiver and run the krks off it because it will be unbalanced and kinda is a waste of the nice krks.
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