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Upgraded my Onkyo HT-S770 to...

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- HK AVR 235 receiver

- Athena C1.2 center

- Athena B1.2 L&R fronts

- Athena R1.2 L&R surrounds

- SVS PB10 subwoofer

I'm using the Onkyo surrounds for L&R back surrounds, but those will be replaced soon by another pair of Athena B1.2s. I have a bookshelf to put them on.

For about double the price I paid for the 770, this new 7.1 system is light years ahead of any HTIB money can buy. My god people. The clarity and wider soundstage this system produces over the 770 is unbelievable! That PB10 sub really adds a lot of DEEP room ambience making you "feel" like you're there. The PB10 just destoys the anemic Onkyo sub on everything from explosions to someone walking across a wood floor. It's deep and clean bass, too, with no muddy thumping or boominess.

While I enjoyed my 770 for about a year, it really was time to move on to something better and more accurate sounding for HT. The Onkyo systems are good and reliable HTIB's, but they DO lack the clarity and bass extension you can get for just a little more money by going with separates. Save up an extra $300-$500 dollars if you can and get something you will enjoy for a very long time. It REALLY is worth it.

Thanks go out to JohnR_IN_LA, Ron Temple, 516, G-star, and a few others for your insightful information. While I haven't posted here much, I have lurked a lot and got some very good useful info on upgrades. It's much appreciated.
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Congrats, Dark Rain...I'm sure you're lovin' the new stuff and will be replaying those bass heavy DVDs :D
congrats man...sounds like a nice system you put together. its amazing how you really don't know how much you're missing with the HTIB untill you've heard something significantly better.

you really should do like ron said and listen to some bass-heavy DVD's so that PB-10 can really stretch its legs. :D
Nice to hear Dark Rain. I'm still using AVR and the rears from the 770 I purchased last year. I have B1's and a C1 in the front. Been looking for 3 B1's for the rear but haven't found them cheap enough.

I haven't decided when I'll upgrade the AVR. I was tempted by the Pioneer VSX-1014 last year and will probable see what happens to the 1015 price once the 1016 comes out next month.

I've seen nothing but good stuff regarding the HK 235 so I'll have to keep that in the mix of possibilities when it's time to upgrade.

Thanks for sharing. :)
Congrats on the upgrade Dark Rain!

I went from the 760 to my current setup and have to agree. I'm awaiting the backordered sub and get my HK 435 today and I'm siked!

Welcome to the club. This Thread has padded Athena's and SVS's pockets very nicely:)
Originally Posted by rlu929s
Congrats on the upgrade Dark Rain!

I went from the 760 to my current setup and have to agree. I'm awaiting the backordered sub and get my HK 435 today and I'm siked!

Welcome to the club. This Thread has padded Athena's and SVS's pockets very nicely:)
I wound up buying a white PB10, since my walls are white and it kind of disappears into the corner where I put it. A black one would have matched the Athena's better, but I simply couldn't wait any longer. :) To me it was more about the performance and sound quality, and the PB10 doesn't disappoint. It's well worth the price.

The Athena's are a steal considering what you get. They are built very well and sound awesome. And I think the SVS PB10 really compliments them, making for a very deep and wide sounding soundstage. There is just no way any HTIB can compete with this setup.
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Where is the best place to buy these components? I am looking for similar setup with
My current questions:

Should i get the AVR335, 435 or 635?

Should i get the F2.2/B2.2 for front l/r?

Should I buy front l/r + Sub for 2.1 setup if i just want to primarily watch soccer first (Worldcup) then change to 5.1/7.1 later?

I won the HK AVR 235 on Ebay for $240. I also got the Athena R1's from Ebay for around $45 a piece. The HK 235 is refurbished but comes with a warranty. The R1's were new.

The Athena B1.2s and C1.2 were purchased from Audio Advisor. I ordered them on Monday and were at my doorstep on Wednesday. These guys rock!

The SVS PB10 can only be purchased from SVS direct. It's an expensive subwoofer, but it makes all the difference (forget those cheaper ones). It's heavy, too, weighing in at 60 lbs.

As for what you should get, I'd get the B2.2s if you watch more movies and TV shows. If you listen to a lot of music then I'd get the F2.2s.

As far as the receiver goes, you just need to decide what options you need and if you want more WPC, say, for a larger room. Ron Temple can probably help a bit more than I can.

You can do the upgrade in steps. Go 2.1 now and then later on do the full 5.1 or 7.1 setup. There's no need to rush.
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I wanted to order the B2.2 from Audio Advisor but they don't offer free shipping (~ $100 to my state) so i am thinking of ordering the F2.2 instead. I also intend to get the AS-P6000 together so i can take advantage of the free shipping.

F2.2 Speakers Black, Pair $399.95

Audition AS-P6000 12-Inch 200WRMS Powered Subwoofer $249.95

Is there any better way to spend $650 for the 2.1 setup?
$100 shipping? Where do you live?
Yeah....My shipping was only $20 something. Are you doing next day? I did the standard UPS and it only takes a few days. They are on top of things.

I got the B1.2's for my fronts and they have worked well. If you watch movies and have a decent Sub I've heard the F's are overkill.

It's all on what you need....obviously F's will not require stands/mounting and the B's will.
Originally Posted by afrogt
$100 shipping? Where do you live?
WA. I should have made it clear that the $100 shipping with sub ($20 without it). I will take advantage of the B1.2 discount and just order one pair.

Thank you all!
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