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Hi AVS Forum! First, I wanna say thanks for the great community here. While looking (lurking) through the wealth of information here, I listened to a number of great sounding speakers like the Mackie MR5, KRK RP5, and M-Audio BX5a. Ultimately, I found an amazing set of 2.0 speakers (Audioengine A5) for my living room's budget setup.

This leads me to my question... I've been lurking here for a couple weeks and I'm looking for a reliable subwoofer to complement the A5s and complete my 2.1 setup. I've read through numerous threads discussing this very issue. Based on everything I've read and the suggested recommendations, I've narrowed it down to the following 12" and 10" subs:


Premier Acoustic PA-120

Dayton SUB-120

Premier Acoustic PA-10

AudioSource PSW110

While these come heavily recommended on the forums, I haven't heard any in person (I couldn't find any vendors in the Denver/Colorado Springs areas, but if you know of a B&M shop that carries these, lemme know). Therefore, I'm looking for recommendations based on the criteria listed below.

I opted to focus my search on 12" and 10" subs because I live on the second floor of a three-story condo. Below is my floorplan with an open layout in the living room and 9' ceilings.

To give a little perspective, the width of the deck is about 13' across and is open to the dining room, kitchen, and hallway. It's not large, but there's a decent amount of space to fill. In my younger days I ran 2x 10" Infinity Perfect 10's in my car and to this day, I still enjoy a healthy amount of quality bass (not boomy or muddy). However, also keep in mind that I don't wanna shake the walls down or piss off my neighbors (too much at least).

My goals for the sub are spread out with time split roughly 50% movies, 30% music, and 20% streaming online media (Netflix streaming, Hulu, Pandora, Grooveshark).

My budget for the sub is ~$250 (if possible) and why I chose the subs listed above vs other higher-end offerings like the HSU STF-2 and eD A2-300.

Given the subs listed above (or recommend others if applicable), the layout and floorplan of my condo, my budget, and goals what do you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

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For home theater, individuals in this forum like the Premier Acoustics PA-120 and the BIC F12 (that go below 30 Hz).

The Polk PSW-505 (in the same price range) may be better for music but has a significant drop off below 40Hz (102 db 40 Hz and 92 db 30 Hz - which can vary somewhat according to listening room). The lowest bass note on an electric guitar is 37 Hz.


The lowest frequencies carry much better between floors.
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