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looking for suggestions and recommendations on upgrading my sound systsem in my lexus. trying to figure out what type of system to go with, something high end. Also what method should i use for the highest audio playback quality, usb, bluetooh, some other technology? i normally rip all my music to flac losseless and just throw it on my phone, but im looking to get the best playback quality possible. any thoughts, suggestions or recomendations would be most helpfull. im looking to spend about 1000 to 2000 dollars on this project. thx!!

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head unit

Front speakers:
Never used them but they are focal and a lot of people have funny feelings in their pants for focal so... Plus, I like the tweeter pods.


sub amp

Run the front speakers active (each speaker gets it's own amp channel. Use the sub size and brand of your choice in the enclosure of your choice. If you have room for an 18", the SI HT18 works incredibly well IB using the trunk as the enclosure. It's musical and can do all that you would ever want a single 170 dollar sub to do except maybe win a SPL competition...

The head unit will autotune/time align the system for best possible results.

Should keep you very close to a grand.

You can look up raw drivers from places like madisound or parts express for even better results. I din't because if you are doing this yourself, sometimes the pre-packaged sets are good enough. And when you factor in the head units auto EQ... It should be.

Upgrades from this:
Obviously speakers. then power.
If you wanted a fast easy upgrade that would give a noticeable bump.
dedicated midbass drivers and amp.

Your rear deck can hold 8" speakers. the rear doors can do another set of 5 1/4" like the fronts. A set of baffle/spacers to allow a larger drivers in the doors or get a good 8" in the back deck corners.

Also consider a stand alone head unit AND DSP. With a 2K budget one can really start getting towards a very nice almost competition level set up.
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