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Upgrading a Home Theater to HDMI: Case Study
Tips on updating an existing home theater with HDMI interfaces using both new and existing equipment.

The Job

To update a home theater with HDMI interfaces using both new and existing equipment. Emphasize simplicity, focused performance, and low incremental costs for maximum value.


1. Have 1080p display devices on existing installations.

2. Upgrade existing home theater installations with minimal of installation flexibility and complexity.


South Florida-based Paramount Home Theater popularized a home-theater configuration commonly referred to as a "wall of sound and video."

In the 80s and 90s, Paramount Home Theater (then called Avex) hit upon an important aspect of home theater -- beautiful design -- to garner the attention of the nascent home-theater market, eschewing complexity in favor of beauty and performance.

These home theaters performed superbly in terms of image and sound quality; the installations had a unique and elegant look to them as well. Paramount Home Theater tamed the "techy" look of home-theater components by installing them behind beautiful cabinetry.

Typically, a cabinet covered almost an entire wall of a media room and included a 60-inch rear-projection screen flush mounted in the middle of the cabinet. Often, two to four CRT televisions were placed above the RPTV so that customers could keep an eye on CNN while a movie played on the main screen.

Paramount Home Theater's look became famous throughout the South Florida region, and many celebrity residents were not ashamed to have a system built into their multi-million-dollar houses, including in the home of Hall of Fame football coach Don Shula.

While these installations are still prized for their beautiful design, the RPTV and CRT displays have quickly become obsolete. These same customers now want to upgrade to 1080p and replacing the built-in RPTVs and CRTs requires a complete rewiring and reconfiguration of the all devices within the cabinetry.

Paramount has continued to install a combination of hardware that provides the highest level of performance and aesthetic elegance at an excellent value. Customers typically get a complete home theater for $20K - $40K.

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