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I have been extremely happy with my Denon 985 for a very long time. To me this receiver has been incredible. But unfortunately it looks like it needs to be retired, maybe to the PC to drive my headphones. Basically what I am trying to understand is how the quality of the 985 compares to current Denon models

I use this for as my main HT setup. Runs Xbox, TV, Movies. Speakers are B&W 5.1 Setup. It think the B&W are S3 601's. Sub is custom build Dayton Audio 15". It is a 5.1 setup and I have no plans to ever go 7.1 or ad a 2nd Sub. My current Denon power everything beautifully and sounds awesome.

I am interested in mainly HDMI Switching and secondly some of the newer networking features, but HDMI Switching is top priority. I have fallen in love with Denon and have noticed they have become a lot more mainstream than they were previously. I also have read that that means lower build quality to hit lower price points. I do NOT want to downgrade in built quality or sound quality. I am trying to understand if I need to buy another $1000 Denon or if a lower model will suffice. I have read the post comparing current Denon models so my first thinking is I need an X Model.

If I do an X1000 or X2000 am I downgrading in build quality and sound quality and I should be looking at X3000 or X4000?

Is there something else I should look at because Denon has "gone downhill" per some reviews I have read?

Dream system is probably a Rotel Processor and Amp setup. The whole purpose of this thread is to understand what my pricepoint should be. Basically if I spend $300-$500 will I be happy or should I be looking $1000+. Obviously if I had the money and money was no issue I go as high as possible. When I purchased my current Denon it took about 3 buys and returns before I got what I wanted.

Any help is appreciated I know standard "What should I buy" threads are not exciting but I am asking a slightly different question.
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