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The pieces I have right now that are to be reused are a D-Vine 4 PC case, a LiteOn SATA 4x BD Drive and a Seasonic 380W PS (One PCIe 6 pin and a 4 pin 12V). This will be running Win 7 Pro.

Looking at ren's thread (really helpful thank you) I think I'm looking at a low - mid AMD setup.

The core goal here is a quiet system that can play BD and use it for streaming from things like NetFlix and/or Media Center. When the Ceton 4 tuner cablecard comes out I've got my eye on it, so this might become a media server. Whether it stays with the TV and/or gets moved to a new case and location (then I'll use a media extender) I can't say but I'm thinking standard ATX form factor for the added cards.

So something like this (sorry links are cold due to the no url posting for noobs) ?


That gives me the new SATA & USB if I get to it. According to the manual, it'll take a 2x2 12V.

If the stock cooler isn't worth it I like the look of the suggested cooler master:


It will apparently fit an AM3 socket with the adapter plate in the kit. The height will fit in the case as far as I can tell, the issue is the PS is right next to the mobo on the CPU side. I can't tell how far from the edge the CPU block is or if the cooler will hang over any.

Last is the video. This is where I'm not sure how much power to get. This won't be for gaming so I'm thinking something real simple:


Then some RAM.. maybe this:

I've got drive to use and I'll make an array later for when I add DVR to it.

Am I way off base and can anyone help me figure out the cooler clearance?

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