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I'm getting the upgrade itch. My 1 year old 1080UB only has 200 hours but after reading good things about the 6500UB.. Its quite tempting to upgrade. Not sure what the 1080UB will get on CL or Ebay but I guess i can try.

Based on the specs, is it a big jump in terms of picture quality? I know about the Frame Interpolation and that to me is an attractive picture (I like it on my Sammy 46A650) and I like the Reon Processing.

Also if you have purchased the 6500UB - can you please PM me and recommend a good vendor to purchase from (price/service). I am going to contact AVS tomorrow and get a quote.

thanks all!

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You do know that this is a never ending story right? Next year, the 6500UB will be replaced by the next great pj.

Of course if you lose $1,000 per upgrade, you can say that it's not a horrible thing. Just the cost of having the pj that you want. That comes out to only $83 a month for pj happiness.

After a while you will learn to plan you next pj purchase with re-selling it in mind.

I wonder if anybody leases projectors? Might be a nice option for many of us.

As for the upgrade from the 1080UB to the 6500UB, I have no personal experience with either. You will probable get near $2k for your 1080UB. It's still regarded as a very nice pj. Plus it's discontinued, so no one can compare it to a new price.
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