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I have upgraded from 5.1 to 7.1 system recently and now I have hard time choosing the right speakers for surrounds and rears. Here are the facts:

* my room is 12x29 feet, with the mains on the short side, and the listening position is close to the middle of the room. Therefore, the surrounds on the side walls would be 6-7' from the listening

position while the rears on the back wall would be at double that distance, about 13 feet.

* my Anthem processor allows me to configure and use the rear speakers for 5.1 channel music (instead of the surrounds)

* I do care about both, music and movies performance

* For movies, I will be using THX/THX Ultra 2 processing most of the time, i.e.

will get the benefits of Timbre Matching, Adaptive De-correlation and Advanced

Speaker Array features which would help in reproducing the original theatrical

experience with multiple surrounds. I am saying that since it may influence the type of surround

speakers I should use.

My question is about the type of surround speakers I need. My mains and center are Mirages (M5 towers and MC-si), so if possible, I would stick with the same brand, but Mirage offers direct/omni-polls and bi-polls surrounds, not di-poles.

Here are my questions:

1. Should I use direct radiating rear speakers and use them as the back speaker

for music, given the shape of the room I have

2. Should I use dipols, bipolls or direct, given the shape again, and the fact I

will be using TXH processing. Should I consider using the surrounds for music,

instead of the rears? Would that pose a contradicting requirements for the


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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