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I have what was at one time a great multi-room home theatre system, centered around an Onkyo receiver - model is not relevent here.

My motivation for replacing it, is that I am unable to attach any modern devices for full benefit - not even component video. Now I am starting to lose my center speaker - I need to go pop the side of the box to get it back.

It is time to surrender and modernize. It will be what for me is a pretty big price tag - new receiver and 2 new tvs, so I want to do it right, but don't want more than I need. I don't use it to play music much, and have a pretty small room to "sound-up".

Things a care about:

Right now, I have a Niles 6 zone speaker switcher-SVL-6, which I feed through my second zone for music only. I have four pairs of speakers hooked to this.

When I use the second zone, the main zone switches to stereo sound. I would rather not lose the surround when I do that.

I have (what I think creatively -) hooked up a fake second zone to a tv in the kitchen - It can show what I am showing in the den. I have an RF adapter and an A/B switch to do this. It is important because otherwise we have an echo of out of sync sound if the sets have the same chanel on.

I would like to be able to run a second HDMI out to the kitchen to be able to get away from all that switching and to upgrade the TV in the kitchen.

My questions/worries.

What does it mean when I read that I can only play analog sources to the second zone? does this mean that if I have an HDTV cable signal that I can't turn it on in zone 2. I sometimes work from home and play the news or cnbc as backround noise in zone 2. It would seem strange to lose that ability. I assume I could work around that, but it would be nice to not have to feed analog sound from the cable box

If I get a 2 hdmi out receiver (so far I only see onkyo and yamaha with them) and I run it to the kitchen, I imagine I would still need an A/B switch so that I can tune the two rooms independently. Does that seem right, or is there a way around that?

This may sound stupid, but would the second hdmi out have sound with it or will the receiver treat is as just video. Do do I need to run sound to the kitchen as well?

I hope this makes sense. I know it can be hard to visualize other people's sytem.

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